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Sturm Handels GmbH was founded in 1971 in Rottenburg/Neckar, and has been selling mainly military clothing
and equipment. In 1983, Sturm started the US branch.

As early as 1990, Sturm opened an operation in Tangermünde, a city in the former East German part of Germany.
Tangermuende has grown into the biggest and most important logistical base of Sturm. Almost 100 employees,
a wide range of products, and more than 50,000 sqm of warehouse floor make us one of the biggest players
in the military and outdoor business.

Utilisation of original military surplus marked the beginning of our business. We grade the surplus and bring it
to a civilian market exclusively. Original military surplus from all over the world sold by Sturm has become a
key element of work and street wear as well as part of alternative fashion everywhere.

Introduction of our trademark Mil-Tec ® in 1995 highlighted the development of a wide range of functional
clothing and outdoor equipment combining functionality, good shape and durability with quality and fit of the
military prototypes.

Mil-Tec ® Woman Collection stands for a young ladies's fashion line mixing classic army look and flippy
design to form a trendy up-to-date product and our Mil-Tec ® Kids Line has been making kids' hearts missing a beat.

Our Mil-Tec ® Security Programme offers competent solutions for security and guard services.
Our Mil-Tec ® Re-enactment and Living History collection offers a growing number of reproductions of
historical clothing and equipment from different eras. These pieces of living history meet the demands of more
and more collectors and re-enactors in Europe and the USA. Expertise of our collectors and manufacturers,
as well as the support of our customers helped us to develop Mil-Tec products highly estimated all over the world.

Another line of business was started in 1985: rental of historical and present-day uniforms, equipment
and props to movie and tv productions. We equipped movie and documentary productions that won national
and international reputation. Although we focus on mass scenes, we also supply authentic uniforms for main
characters from our stock.

You want to know more about our products? We are looking forward to a successful co-operation.
Company buildings in Rottenburg and Tangermuende

Initiative for the Application of Fairness Standards
"Social Fair" is an initiative of VFI. Sturm is a member of VFI. Companies participating in
the "Social Fair" initiative will oblige their business partners worldwide (producers,
suppliers, agents, and service providers) to confirm compliance with the conditions
of the "Social Fair" initiative to ensure socially fair, fit-for-human-beings conditions
of work within their own and all those companies they receive materials orservices from.

For further information about the initiative of VFI please visit
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